Bullet Journal Flip Through 2019

We’re four months into 2019, and my bullet journal is coming along quite nicely! I’m really proud of it and I feel that it’s time to share an update of my first bullet journal post. I’ve since changed my weekly and monthly spreads, and created some fun new collection pages that are really motivating and inspiring to me. I hope you enjoy this update and that it gives you some ideas for your own organisation!

Bullet journal page saying 'Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019'
Future log July - December.

This is my 2019 future log which is across two double-page spreads. The space next to each month is for upcoming events so that I can flip back to this when I’m making my new monthly log. I’ve been circling important dates but I’m going to start highlighting them in a colour code to make it more fun.

January Setup

Bullet journal entry featuring New Years Resolutions, 2019 Goals and my key for my entries.

Here’s my resolutions for the year, and my big “life goals” that I’m actively working towards constantly. It’s nice to have these written down here to remind me of what I want to achieve. I also have my key here, but I use my bullet journal so much that I don’t need it anymore!

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My bullet journal savings tracker using a jar illustration. There is also a table to record my savings incomings and outgoings.

On the next page is a cute motivational illustration I’m using to track my savings. As you may know from my previous bullet journal post, I do love having something to colour in. The idea is that I can colour in the jar by section until I reach my goal of £1000. I’ve also got a table to record my savings account activity so I can track my progress throughout the year.

My bullet journal blog post ideas, with some bullet points of ideas below the title.

Next up is a double page spread for all of my blog post ideas. This is a place to write ideas and to flick to when I’m having “writer’s block”.

Weekly Logs

This is the weekly log style I was using from November to February. I wrote my weekly lists at the edges, then kept the centre for my daily lists. At the start of the week, I wrote my main weekly to-do list. Then I’d reference it to write my daily to-do lists, which broke down the big tasks into manageable chunks.

February Setup

My bullet journal February monthly log, featuring a calendar, my goals and to-do list.

Next up is my February monthly log, where I made a calendar to write in key events. I also have a section to write my main goals and to-do list, which I talk about in more detail here.

New Collections

Bullet journal page of games written over an image of the console logos on which they are played.

Next I have my games page, which is similar to my films and books pages from my first flip through. This helps me keep track of what games I want to buy and play as I’m always forgetting. To make it colourful, I stuck little white labels over quick drawings of the console logos. It makes a slight change from the pink overload so far! The aim is that I’ll highlight over the white label when I’ve finished the game, so it’ll look super colourful in the end!

My bullet journal page of TV shows I want to watch, with each episode listed so I can highlight it when I'm finished.

Similar to the games page, this is where I keep a track of all the series I want to watch. Since they’re spread across different platforms, this is the only place where I can write them all down together. This is a good idea for those of you who are always falling behind on TV or looking for something to watch!

March Setup

My bullet journal log for March, with a calendar, goals and tasks section.

March is where I created a more well-rounded monthly log. I dedicated a full page to a calendar, using a simpler design than my February one. On the other page I have my ‘goals’, and my ‘tasks’ which are intended to help me reach these goals.

My bullet journal expenses page, listing my income, bills, and my expenses.

Next is my expenses tracker, where I work out what money I’m dealing with for the month. I list all my bills and what I’m saving for the month, then I record all my expenses and review if it was a good spend or not. I leave a blank double page spread after this page so I have enough room to write it all. This helps me see where I’m going a bit overboard!

My bullet journal habit tracker, with days ready to be highlighted once I've done the habit.

Next up is the first proper habit tracker I’ve made, and I really love it in theory! I admit I’ve not been keeping up with it properly so I need to put my bookmark here so I can flick to it everyday.

My bullet journal blogging schedule.

This is the first month I’ve tried to keep track of my blogging hobby. It’s been useful to have a separate calendar for blogging, because otherwise I write huge to-do lists everyday and it looks so overwhelming! This month has been hectic at work so I didn’t get as much done as I hoped. However, having a monthly plan has been a good starting point for my weekly and daily logs. It’s also really motivating and makes me want to work harder on my blog!

New Weekly Log Design

Bullet journal weekly log, with a weekly calendar and my daily to-do lists.

Lastly, here is my new weekly log that I’ve started in March. I’ve added a section to plan my week every Sunday, which has been such a better method for me. I used to write one weekly to-do list, and then my daily to-do lists every morning using it as a reference. I used to try to get it all done on Monday, but I would get disheartened when I barely completed any. With the week section, I can spread my tasks throughout the week according to my work shifts and other events. Then I can use that for a reference to make my daily to-do list and it won’t be so overwhelming!

I hope you enjoyed my bullet journal update! Let me know in the comments if you found this useful.


Four photos with examples of bullet journal pages with the overlay 'Bullet Journal Flip Through' by The Amber Approach
Lots of love, The Amber Approach

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