Best and Worst/Most Disappointing Books of 2020

Welcome to my final post of 2020! I managed to finish 34 books this year, and so I’ve picked my top 6 best and worst to share with you all.

Since I’ve talked about all of these books on my previous wrap-ups, I have linked the post I talked about each book next to it so if you want to see my reasons why these were the best/worst then either check out the link or watch the accompanying new Youtube videos!

Best Books of 2020

  1. Mystic River – Dennis Lehane –
  2. I’m Thinking of Ending Things – Iain Reid –
  3. Normal People – Sally Rooney –
  4. The Nightingale – Kristin Hannah –
  5. Forbidden – Tabitha Suzuma –
  6. The Troop – Nick Cutter –

Worst/Most Disappointing Books of 2020

  1. The Killing Game – J. A. Kerley –
  2. The Surgeon – Tess Gerritsen –
  3. The Angel of the North – Annie Wilkinson –
  4. Strange Weather – Joe Hill –
  5. The Last – Hanna James –
  6. Tell No One – Harlan Coben –

Thank you all for your support this year, let me know in the comments if you agree with any of my books or let me know what your faves and flops this year were.

Lots of love, The Amber Approach

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